Our team is made up of volunteers. We could use any help possible and would be delighted if YOU want to join us. 

Anybody is welcome! There are only two criteria:


     - you have to believe in God and the trinity (Father, Spirit, Son)

     - you have to believe in His word (the Bible)


If you're on fire for the Lord and want to serve him, I'm sure we'll find a job for you!

Simply go to 'contact' and write us an e-mail. We're waiting for you! God bless!

Kristopher Tribe, founder & CEO


Kristopher Tribe is the founder and CEO of 'The Creation Guy'. He was born on the 7th Sept. 1995 in Bathurst, NB, Canada. He's visually impaired and currently has a remaining sight of about 10%.

When he was six years old he moved to Germany. He currently lives in Germany, but visits his family in Canada every year. 

Kristopher graduated german secondary school in 2012 and then went to Bathurst High School in Canada for a year. He was raised in a christian home, but his year in Canada surely brought him closer to the Lord. 

In summer 2013 he graduated from a german college doing his A-levels in Education Science, with his other principal courses being German, English and Biology.

Since October 2016, Kristopher is studying Anglistics & Americanistics and Theology (BA Education) at the Technical University of Dortmund (TU Dortmund) in Dortmund, Germany.


Kristopher was always very interested in science, especially in the fields of astronomy, geography and most recently paleonthology.

In the spring/summer of 2015 he had the idea to create his own creationist organization titled 'The Creation Guy'. He has since then partnered up with Creation Today, the Creation Museum Germany, Answers in Genesis and Creation Ministries International.

'The Creation Guy' is member of the 'Creation Science Alliance', the 'International Alliance for Creation' (IAC) and the Creation Network'. Further, Kristopher Tribe is the official European Connection Strategist of the 'Creation Network'.