What about dinosaurs? Are they mentioned in the bible? Don't dinosaurs disprove God's literal creation 6000 years ago? How did all the dinosaurs fit on Noah's Ark? Did scientists really discover soft tissue in dinosaur fossils? Is there any evidence for a human-dinosaur coexistence?



Does the universe point to creation? Does modern astronomy disprove a young earth? What about light-years? Do aliens exist? What about the Second Law of Thermodynamics? What about the Law of Conservation of Angular Momentum? 



There are many projects going on in the field of Creation Science. Answers in Genesis is building the Ark Encounter. Sevenfold Films & Creation Today are making the Genesis 3D movie. ICR is planning on building the Dallas Museum of Science and Human History. And Dr. Kent Hovind is planning on building CSE's Dinosaur Adventure Land. 

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