Scripture gives a refreshing contrast to secular thinking by declaring that earth and mankind are not an insignificant result of accidental evolution. - Dr. Don DeYoung

The Bible and astronomy do not contradict themselves at all. It requires one to have an evolutionary mindset to believe in 'cosmic evolution aka. The Big Bang Theory'. 



It may be surprising to see a lot of material about astronomy in a biology book. But evolution is not just simply about ape-like animals turning into humans. Evolution is a philosophy trying to explain everythin without God. Therefor, it must be applied to the origin of the universe and solar system. Teaching about Evolution and the Nature of Science presents the prevailing evolutionary mindset on astronomical origins. Also, teaching about Evolution (cosmic and biological) hopes to diffuse opposition to evolution by misleading students and comparing it to the opposition to heliocentrism (a sun-centered solar system). - Kristopher Tribe, (CEO, The Creation Guy)


Astronomy, The Big Bang and Creation - Creation Magazine LIVE (Creation Ministries)

''It is He that sitteth upon the circle of the earth, and the inhabitants thereof are as grasshoppers; that stretcheth out the heavens as a curtain, and spreadeth them out as a tent to dwell in:'' - Isaiah 40:22


What does the Bible tell us here?


1. Th earth is round

2. the universe is expanding


The book of Isaiah was approcimately written in 700-500 BCE. 

On the other hand, it took science a long time to confirm the TRUTH. Over a thousand years later it was discovered that the earth is indeed round and not flat. A couple of hundred years later it was also discovered that he universe is constantly expanding or 'is being stretched'.


May you be blessed of the LORD, Maker of heaven and earth. - Psalm 115:15

GOD created the heavens (universe) and the earth. It didn't happen by chance over billions of years. The Big Bang theory is not scientific at all. Many laws of science are problematic for this theory.


1. Second Law of Thermodynamics

2. Law of Conservation of Agular Momentum


One of the wonderful things about astronomy is that it is so different from our everyday experience. Things are not what they might seem at first glance. Who could have guessed that those tiny little specks of light in our night sky are actually “suns” hundreds of times larger than Earth? Who would have suspected that the “evening star” is actually a rocky planet about the same size as our own?



God has constructed the universe in a truly marvelous way. As we study it, the universe continually surprises and delights us by challenging our understanding of how things work. - Dr. Jason Lisle, ICR

Dr. Jason Lisle (Institute for Creation Research)

Nothing we observe in the universe points to an old earth or an old universe. An evolutionary worldview is required to believe in cosmic or chemical evolution.


The heavens (universe) rather points to an intelligent designer, for it is highly complex and truly marvelous. To believe that it all evolved by a mistake through the Big Bang requires too much faith. - Kristopher Tribe (CEO, The Creation Guy)