Should christians celebrate Christmas?

The Bible doesn't mention that christians should celebrate the birth of our savior.

This doesn't mean that we can't rejoice on this day though. 


Yes, the date that we celebrate Christmas on (December 25th) has its roots in ancient pagan traditions, but as long as we as christians don't think about the pagan god Saturn on Christmas day, I don't think it's wrong as a christian to celebrate Christmas.


''But the LORD said to Samuel, "Do not consider his appearance or his height, for I have rejected him. The LORD does not look at the things people look at. People look at the outward appearance, but the LORD looks at the heart." - 1 Samuel16:7


This Bible verse shows us that God looks at the heart of people. This is why I believe, that even if many Christmas traditions have their roots in paganism, it depends on the heart of the one who celebrates this holiday. Whenever we start to make 'Santa Clause' or 'presents' our priority at Christmas we become hypocrites. BUT if we chose to celebrate the birth and life of our Lord and savior Jesus Christ and share His love with others, we help building God's kingdom on earth. Christmas is very special and important to many christians and therefor can be used as a great tool to spread the gospel.

Fact is, many atheists go to church on Christmas out of reasons of tradition and family. Christians should use this great chance to tell them about God's greatest gift to mankind.

Did you know that many Christmas songs and traditions have more to do with our Lord than you might imagine?

The 'true love' mentioned in the song 'Twelve Days of Christmas' does not refer to a romantic couple, but rather to God. The person who receives the gifts represents someone who has accepted Him as Lord. For example, the 'partridge in a pear tree' represents Christ. And the 'two turtledoves' represen the Old and New Testament.

The traditional three colors of Christmas are green, red and gold. These colors also have a christian meaning. Green has long been a symbol of life and rebirth, red symbolizes the blood of Christ, and gold represents light as well as royalty and wealth.

24th December 2015, Kristopher Tribe (CEO/founder, The Creation Guy)