Lyrics to "Healing & Wonders" (Spoken Word)

Healing & Wonders

(Spoken Word) by Kristopher Tribe

Here’s a little poem I wrote

It’s about healing and wonders, or let’s Say both

I’m telling you the following, ‘cause many people let go of GOD

I just want to remind you, keep holding on to the rope


Guys, let me tell you something about healing

‘Cause many say, healing, that’s not what I’m achieving

They say, healing, that’s certainly not what I’m seeing

But the problem is, when you talk about healing, it has to be in your heart what you’re seeing


Hey, you have to know, GOD loves us all the same

You just have to have faith and keep on prayin’

You have to tell everyone you’re saved, and don’t be ashamed

And then you’ll get what you want, ‘cause that’s how you play the game


GOD is a GOD of wonders, not a GOD of madness

He takes everything bad from you, like fear, pain and sadness

And he gives you everything good in life, like glory, blessings and love

‘Cause he’s our heavenly father and ruler from above


You have to understand, he doesn’t want us to be sad

He wants to bless us and heal us, and make us glad

But for that, you have to keep on believing

And then all that is going to be what you’re receiving


And yes, we all have sin, but GOD has forgiven

GOD is a GOD of forgiveness, so guys listen

We were all born sinner, but to punish us, wasn’t GOD’s ambition

He wants us to become holy, so he sent JESUS to do the mission

It’s a historical fact,  but still most people say, JESUS, he’s only fiction

But I don’t want to judge anyone, you’re old enough, make your own decisions


After all our sins, he still loves us, that’s what the bible shows

He even loved us more than our sun glows

He wants us to make sure that his kingdom grows

And we shall understand, that JESUS died for the saving of our souls


Do you really think I’m done? No, I’m not done

Neither is GOD with us, and neither is his SON

Look, GOD, He wants you to come

Don’t listen to others, why don’t you be the righteous one


I believe that when JESUS said, I want to come into your heart, he meant it

But still there are many who say, JESUS and GOD, I resent it

They just don’t understand that everything JESUS said was meant literally

It’s not us, it’s the bible that completely changed history

And yes, for some people this book is a very big mystery

‘Cause for being able to understand it, you have to be born again in Christ spiritually


Did you know non Christians are spiritually blind

If it’s for GOD, they just stay in their house, lock the door and hide

They say, what’s written in the bible is not meant to be

But GOD just wants them to believe and then they’ll see


(Worship the LORD your GOD, and his blessing will be on your food and water. I will take away sickness from among you. – Exodus 23:25)